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Garibaldi Technology Partners is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. We provide tailored IT solutions to clients throughout Metro Vancouver and beyond. We specialize in providing solutions to small and medium businesses such as dental and medical offices, financial service providers, accountants and lawyers.

Our technology partners provide a high level of professional service and expertise. Our client base requires reliability and trustworthiness due to the sensitive nature of their operations.

Andrew Bilawey, B. Comm, MCSE, is the president and founder of Garibaldi Technology Partners. Andrew completed his Bachelor of Commerce with honours from McMaster University in 1993 and his MCSE in 1999.

While at McMaster, Andrew worked as a Sr. Disaster Recovery Specialist for Denison Mines, an international mining concern, in Toronto, Ont. After graduating, Andrew spent several years in technical support and project management with Mobile Computing Corporation in Toronto and Request Information Services Corp. in Vancouver. Andrew managed a team of technicians who designed and implemented wireless computing solutions for the waste industry and trade shows. In 1996 he became Manager of Installation and Support for Infowave Software in Burnaby, BC. There he managed the support group while honing his skills managing Windows server side technologies.

Office: 604-298-0299
Tech Support: 604-288-4260